Ancelotti frustrated with Vinicius being racially abused again.

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti ‘disappointed’ after Vinicius Junior was racially abused again. Vinicius was subjected to racism by Valencia fans during Sunday’s 1-0 La Liga football defeat to Bats.

The footage was clearly captured by Valencia fans yelling “monkeys” and taunting Vinicius. Who was shown a red card in stoppage time for slapping Hugo Douro in the face. During a tug-of-war Goalkeeper Georgie Mamardashvili UFABET

Ancelotti give an emotional interview after the game that “I don’t want to talk about football. I want to talk about what happened today.”

“It’s more important than defeat. it shouldn’t happen It’s bad for this league. This league is in trouble. It’s not just people yelling ‘monkey’. It’s the stadium mocking the players with racism.

“I told the referee to stop the game. Vinicius was sorry, it wasn’t anger. The whole field racist at him. But nothing happen.

After the game, Vinicius posted on Instagram that the league once belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Messi, but now belongs to racists. This isn’t the first time Racism has become so common in La Liga that any league, confederation or team thinks it’s normal.

Ancelotti defended his players, saying the Spanish league was in serious trouble. Behavior like this is unacceptable, although La Liga claim to have filed multiple legal complaints this season, Ancelotti says it has not helped.