Klopp defends Trent over defence.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp defends Trent Alexander-Arnold that was attacked about the defensive game. After becoming a constant trend since the England team was cut from the team in the German draw.

Alexander-Arnold It became a controversy throughout the week after Gareth Southgate omitted his 23-man squad for the Nations League game against Germany and was then said Kieran Trippier had. Everything is better than the right-back, the Reds at this time.

Klopp remains respectful of Southgate and has not been influenced to talk about his team selection. He insisted that what he said would not give England any chance of success at the World Cup.

However, what Klopp can’t stand is the idea that. Alexander-Arnold Can’t play games And do not believe that the 23-year-old star player is not qualified to play in this position UFABET.

The Reds manager admits that Alexander-Arnold There has been some downturn in form this season. as in general in his team. But there is still full confidence in the star player who has been in the England national team for 17 matches.

Klopp told.

“You really want to open this box? I mean, you’re a British journalist. And we can’t talk about team selection until the World Cup starts. It’s one of the reasons you make so many stories with these things.”

“Why can’t the team prepare properly? If you ask my opinion You can create a headline.”

“It would help the Germans. Maybe it didn’t help the English at all. I don’t know why we do that.”

“Will the manager choose the players? Of course I might have made a different decision. But I’m not in charge of that team. that’s what it is If you want to talk about it I have a lot to say. But I’m not sure if it makes sense or not.”

“We’re fine here. because it is different from the original because I saw him differently, it was clear.”

“There are stories all the time talking about him. and said he was not a good defender. But that’s not true at all.”

“He’s a good defender. He doesn’t always defend well. That’s true. But that’s what we’re working on. He’s a young player, he’s only 23.”

“Of course there is room for improvement, but really we are just talking at the level we are talking about because the impact on his attacking game is so extreme for us. It is possible for every team in the world.”

“With my point of view It’s easy to choose. No matter which team I’m going to control I will sign a contract with him. because he is great.”

“Is he someone special all the time? No.”