Roulette betting patterns.

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How to bet on roulette is not difficult. Even people who have never played it can easily understand. There are up to 10 formats.


1. Straight bets or numbers are choosing to bet on a particular number that if the player wins. Will receive a payout rate of 1 to 35. Or simply say, bet 1 baht, get 35 baht (excluding capital). UFABET 

2. Split bet is to choose to match adjacent numbers. Can be a horizontal or vertical pair, or can bet on 01, 02, 03 as well by clicking on the line between 2 numbers. The payout rate is 1 to 17 (excluding capital).

3. Street bet is to choose to bet on 3 numbers vertically or to bet on 012, 023 as well. The payout rate is 1 to 11 (excluding capital).

4. Corner bet is to bet 4 numbers by placing the chip in the corner position over all 4 numbers or bet on 0123 number, can place the chip according to the position. The payout rate is 1 to 8 (excluding capital). 

5. Line bets are bets that are similar to street bets, but are 2 street or 6 numbers toad (with the chip placed in the bottom center) with a payout ratio of 1 to 5 (excluding capital )


6. Column bet is to choose to place the chip in 3 options at the end of all 3 columns, namely 2 to 1 (1st), 2 to 1 (2nd) , 2 to 1 (3rd), which the selection will affect the number. 12 characters in the column and the payout rate is 1 to 2 (excluding capital).

7. Dozen Roulette bets are bets on 12 numbers with a total of 3 numbers to choose from: 1st 12 (numbers 1 – 12), 2nd 12 (numbers 13 – 24) and 3rd 12 (numbers 25 – 36). ) If winning bets like this Will receive a payout rate of 1 to 2 (excluding capital).

8. Color bets (Colors) is a bet between two colors, black and red, which is considered a very low risk bet. Therefore, the payout rate received is also less, at 1 to 1.

9. Even-odd bet is to choose to bet on whether that eye will issue even or odd numbers. Which some online roulette tables use the word Even, Odd straight on the board. Or some tables use the word Even at Means (Even) and Odd means (Odd). The payout rate is still 1 to 1.

10. High-Low bet is to bet on numbers in low and high zones. With low numbers at 1-18 and high numbers at 19-36. Which the payout rate is 1 to 1 as well.