Valverde reveals that the Real Madrid midfielders support each other very well.

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Federico Valverde has revealed that. The Real Madrid midfielders have encouraged each other. So well that contributed to his outstanding football performances throughout September.

Real Madrid Uruguayan midfielder Federico Valverde, who has been outstanding throughout September, says the White team’s midfield have made a strong contribution to each other. Although there are different playing styles. UFABET According to Marca’s report on Friday.

‘I think I’m doing a good job. Together with all our teammates in every way, emotionally and physically and mentally. I work hard to make sure everything goes well,’ said Valverde.

Asked about his superb scoring in the 4-1 win over Mallorca, the 24-year-old replied: ‘You always work to be physically and mentally healthy. It’s unusual for me to score goals. especially like that But I made the most of all my qualities, my power and the ability to score goals that I had. It all came together in that movement and luckily the ball ended up at the bottom of the net. And we all celebrate.’ 

‘All of our midfielders have great qualities. which is unique to each of us We all have something to offer, Tony brings calmness to the ball, Luca finds a magical pass that we need, I bring energy, speed and power, Chouameni can get someone out of the game. We can all be involved in something different.’ Valverde said.