What is gourds crabs fish?

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It is a betting game that has a betting style similar to the general gourds crabs fish game. But there will be playing styles for gamblers to choose from. All 2 formats and there will be different ways to play. But it is a popular gambling game that is certainly not lost in general gourds crabs fish. There are two types of game formats to choose from:

  1. Dice Pattern This pattern uses two devices: paper dice. With various symbols on the side, with a large piece of paper with various award symbols set.
  2. Tear type The device used to bet is 2 large plates of gourds, crabs, fish, one plate. There will be a picture of various prize symbols. The other is Paper used for issuing awards UFABET 

How to stab gourds crabs fish.

  1. Teng Teng, guess what the picture that comes out on the 3 dice. If you guess correctly, you will receive the prize money.
  2. Point bet: Predict all 3 dice. With a total of 4-17 only to win the bet.
  3. Bet Over Low Predict whether the total of all dice will come out high or low.
  4. Color bets There can be 2 types of color bets, namely, double color bets, the colors that come out must be the same 2 balls, single color bets. The colors that come out must be the same for all 3 balls.

From the above information It is a method of playing and a form of betting on gourd, crab, fish game. If the gambler has ever played a Sic Bo game. Or general gourd games will be able to understand and bet with absolutely no difficulty.